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Pray With Us

Many of YWAM’s leaders have sensed that the time is right to call YWAM staff, students, volunteers and friends from around the world to join them in prayer. They invite you to pray with them on a monthly basis: one month for local concerns, the next month for areas where […]

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YWAM Podcast Episode 91

Muslims Coming to Christ

ISIS fighters in the Middle East are coming to Christ through dreams and visions, and God has a part for YWAM to play in it! We will also hear about the earthquake relief work happening in Nepal, an upcoming global workshop and celebration happening in Australia, and more on […]

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YWAM Nepal Rebuilding House

Rebuilding Begins in Nepal

In Nepal, YWAM teams continue to reach the areas of the country most affected by the initial 7.8 earthquake, and the severe aftershock of 7.3 on May 12. To support YWAM’s Nepal relief effort, please click here to donate and pick “Nepal Relief” from the drop-down […]

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Reaching Nepalis with Relief

In Nepal, YWAM workers continue to care for victims of the April 25 earthquake. To support their work, please click donate now and pick “Nepal Relief” from the drop-down menu.

YWAM teams have cared for earthquake victims in a variety of ways. One team came to Kathmandu […]

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Nepal Quake Relief

YWAM workers in Nepal plus a RescueNet team of 16 are reaching out to people affected by the April 25 devastating earthquake in Nepal. If you would like to help YWAM’s workers care for Nepalis in need, please click donate now and pick “Nepal Relief” from […]

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Douglas Feaver

University Pioneer Dies

Dr. Douglas D. Feaver, founder of the College of Humanities and International Studies at YWAM’s University of the Nations and a role model to generations of staff and students worldwide, died peacefully at his home in Bethlehem, PA, on April 6. He was 93.

[caption […]

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Niger House Burned

Restoration in Niger

As they began clearing up after groups of extremists in Niger vandalized their home and destroyed their possessions, a family of Christians associated with YWAM has been encouraged and supported by the sincere help of their Muslim neighbors.


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Niger Car Burned

Homes Burned in Niger

The Muslim extremist attacks in Paris early in January prompted violent protests in the nation of Niger beginning on Friday January 16. Attacks against churches and local Christians in the towns of Niamey and Maradi left at least 10 people dead and dozens of churches and other properties burned, […]

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YWAM Ship Hawaii Aloha Grounded

President Honors Lost YWAMer

The President of the Marshall Islands has sent his condolences to the family of Aaron Bremner, a crew member of the YWAM ship Hawaii Aloha, who was killed in a storm on January 3. Last year, Aaron and the rest of the ship’s crew came to the Marshall Islands […]

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YWAM Yap Typhoon

Typhoon Hits YWAM Yap

During the first week of December, super typhoon Ruby (Haguput) swept south of Guam, headed directly towards the Central Philippines. The typhoon had sustained winds of 150-175 km/hr with gusts up to 190 km/hr (114 mph). The island of Yap, part of the Federated States of Micronesia, was directly […]

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