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Kids at YWAM Madison

Transforming Spheres of Society


In 1975, Loren Cunningham sensed God giving him a message about God’s desire to see transformation in every sphere of society. Shortly thereafter Loren found out that other Christian leaders had sensed God giving them essentially the same message. Those leaders included Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for […]


Pray for Muslims During Ramadan

Starting June 6, YWAM invites you to pray for Muslims as an act of love during their holy month of Ramadan. The June topic for YWAM’s prayer day, called The Invitation, is 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World. Please download a booklet and join us.

The 30 Days prayer […]

Sophie in India

Sophie’s Box

Visualize for a moment an old cardboard box. Now picture this box behind a little food stall in a poor village of west India. Peer inside and you’ll see a naked, newborn baby and little beetles crawling about. Outside it’s winter and the wind is howling and a drizzle […]

Loren Cunningham - Teaching

Letter from Loren- Catch the Wave – YWAM Family Gathering Singapore 2014


Singapore, in my understanding, was not only a time of major realignment from drift factors that began many years ago, but a remarkable leap forward to prepare us for the great missions wave now rising for the generation under 30. We must serve […]