Outreach ConstructionIf you’ve been through a YWAM Discipleship Training School or outreach trip, you’ve joined the global YWAM family. You might wonder, “How do I stay connected?” “How do I integrate my passion for God’s purposes into my daily life?”

YWAM has a few ministries and resources specifically designed to serve you.


  • YWAM Associates For over 25 years, this ministry has been connecting and encouraging people who have served in YWAM. They sponsor retreats and offer an email newsletter.
  • YWAM Tribe A movement for YWAMers and former YWAMers who want to enter the spheres of society within all nations.
  • YWAM Refresh in Australia offers a caring environment for YWAM-trained people, listening, caring and praying for each other.
  • YWAM Nexia in Canada gathers small groups of former YWAMers together to hang out and share vision.
  • Business as Mission If you now find yourself in the business world and want to integrate your YWAM values, this website offers many good resources.
  • The YWAM Facebook page can get you started in connecting with others who have been in YWAM. There are also a lot of local YWAM Alumni Facebook groups. Search Facebook for one near you or start one in your part of the world.