YWAM’s Leaders Seek a New Release

As YWAM’s annual leadership meeting has continued in England, the presentations have often given way to times of repentance and prayer.

The participants at the Global Leadership Gathering heard more about the coming wave of missionaries from China. They learned about global trends from futurist Patrick Dixon. They sat spellbound as actor Bruce Kuhn brought the gospel of Luke to life.

After Bruce’s performance, YWAM founder Darlene Cunningham commented, “We saw a demonstration of the living Word. I felt convicted. I wondered, does that living Word live in me like that?”

As powerful as these experiences were, the prepared agenda also contained a lot of room for discussion and prayer. Many times, this led to confession.

For example, after a time of prayer for more laborers, several small groups reported that they felt led to pray that YWAM would provide a welcome embrace to all who come to us. That in turn led to a time when the leaders could pair up and confess to each other occasions when they might have disregarded the dreams of a young person.

YWAM leader Lynn Green clarified that an affirming, releasing approach doesn’t mean accepting every idea that a young person brings up. “But we want this loving, adopting spirit that doesn’t pour cold water on people, that doesn’t just say no.”

As an example of this kind of attitude, Paul from YWAM Nigeria shared a story. Paul told about a man who had been part of the al-Qaeda terrorist group. This man came to a village in Nigeria to bomb a church. As this man slept during the night before the attack, he was awakened by a voice saying, “Why are you killing my people?”

The man looked around but couldn’t see anyone. As he slept again, a man dressed in white came to him in his dreams and said, “Why are you killing my people?” Shaken by this, in the morning the man went to the church he had prepared to bomb. He told the pastor about his dream. The pastor led the man to confess his sins and commit his life to follow Christ. The pastor also took him to the police station.

Eventually, the man joined a Discipleship Training School with YWAM. This YWAM center has successfully trained several other ex-militants. Paul had to decide whether to accept this man. He did, with some concerns. Now, though, the man meets regularly for Bible study. “He’s doing very well,” Paul reported.

Lynn Green said Paul’s story could serve as a prophetic example for YWAM as a whole. “We want to be welcoming people to come into a circle of loving kindness,” Lynn said, “and to be released to be all that God wants them to be.”

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