It was so good to be together in Singapore! I believe we all have a sense that these are days filled with opportunity to catch the biggest wave ever!

This season requires that we walk in ways that we have not walked before, but hasn’t that always been the case with us? For many of you individually, you were the first in your family to follow Jesus…and for us as a mission, we are a people who were called to do missions a new way. We have always been pioneering uncharted ground, and that has not changed. We have always been called to do that which is counter-culture and ever-changing, as God led us—but I believe our season of drift throughout the 90s and into the new millennium set us back in the natural growth God had desired for us. But He is gracious and has met with us and set us back on course, sharing with us the new vistas on His heart regarding reaching the least and the last of the lost.

We in the Founders’ Circle have tried to answer questions that have arisen throughout this time of expansion, to the best of our ability and present understanding, via the Singapore Gathering follow-up letters from John Dawson, Lynn Green, David Hamilton…and one more cluster of letters yet to come from Loren. Also, the Signpost Messages sent out prior to the Singapore Gathering and referred to throughout give much understanding about how God has led us to this point, which gives us the foundations for the future.

Our prayer is as David’s was in Psalm 90:17, “May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us. Establish the work of our hands for us. Yes, establish the work of our hands.” The Founders’ Circle will continue to expand, grow and possibly divide, expand and grow as the Lord leads. Some have asked if we would clarify who is involved in the Founders’ Circle. Currently, it is Loren, myself, Lynn Green, John Dawson, Jim Stier, Tom Hallas and David Hamilton….and to this core, in the season surrounding Singapore at least through Townsville, those added include Markus Steffen, David Cole, Edwin Fillies and Ken and Robyn Mulligan. This group is serving as elders of the elders to prepare for our convenings—and together with you, we are seeking to hear and discern the word of the Lord for the future. David Cole has agreed to serve in a facilitation role regarding general questions addressed to the FC group.

Loren left Kona yesterday on a ministry trip, but has spent much time the last several days working on a letter to all of you, helping to mark the way forward from Singapore. He so carries all of you in his heart and, as you know, he is passionate about the NEXT BIG MISSIONS WAVE that God is giving us the privilege to catch! He wants to make sure NO ONE misses it! His letter will be in three parts:

– YWAM’s Task Post SG2014

– Leadership Enlargement, Not Replacement

– Words of Practical Advice

We believe that as we all wholeheartedly seek God and His gracious favor, His presence which marked us in Singapore will continue in each and every gathering. Lord, let it be!

So blessed to serve Him alongside you,