by Jim Stier, 2005

Our Global Leadership Team was meeting in Brazil just before a YWAM global event called “Viva America Latina” in 2005. Dr. Atef, a wonderful man of God from Egypt, brought us a strongly convicting word. He related how people had regularly traveled from distant cities in Upper Egypt to see and be with early YWAM teams, decades before. He went on to say that this no longer was happening and suggested several reasons for it.

When he finished his short talk, the Global Leadership Team responded with brokenness and prayers of confession and repentance. As this was going on I received a mental picture and a word from the Lord. Related to the events in Acts 9:36-40, He showed me a little girl that was dead. Then Jesus commanded her to rise. I knew that the little girl was YWAM and that God was saying that we were going to arise to fulfill God’s vision for our future. We were small and helpless, but He would give us life.

I spoke it out, “Little girl, come forth.” It seemed that the whole group responded with faith, as we prayed and rejoiced with many tears.

However, I also understood that this little girl wasn’t just YWAM. She also represented the most vulnerable, at risk people around the world. I understood that as a mission we would approach things from the perspective of those in need and that God would powerfully use us to minister and bring answers to such people.