On the morning of 29th August, the Singapore Gathering continued in the posture of seeking the Lord’s presence as David Demian pointed out that YWAM and the Body of Christ at large is at a pivotal point. Sometimes we like to hang on to the familiar, because the unknown is scary, but the “old wave” can become a hindrance to the new.

Just like the two men on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24), who insisted upon the Lord to remain with them, Demian said, YWAM must also insist upon the Lord to stay with us! According to middle-eastern hospitality, Jesus’ stay would have caused them great inconvenience, but they were willing to pay the price for His presence. God longs to reveal Himself to a people whom He can trust, who can pay the price. Is YWAM willing to pay the price to prepare a dwelling place for the Lord?

The two men did not fully comprehend what their burning hearts were longing for until the Lord opened their eyes to recognize Him. David Demian affirmed that we are on the verge of the face-to-face encounter with the Lord and that is what makes all the difference. This next phase is not about more anointed teaching or powerful works; it is about becoming carriers of His presence.
David stated that we are in the season of the clash of the kingdoms where the nature of our spiritual warfare has changed, and YWAM cannot wage war like we have done before. The Lord is looking for His people to line up behind Him as He fights on our behalf. Will YWAM, for the sake of the body of Christ, pay the price and become a people of His presence? He said God has chosen YWAM for His pleasure and has made a covenant with us.

There was a corporate response as we all stood to call upon the Lord, to “insist” upon His presence, that He would not pass YWAM by, but would stay. Various leaders prayed out and affirmed the Lord’s leadership over our mission. Maureen Menard declared notably, “Our hearts are burning, and we are lining up behind Jesus our King! We are following Jesus together! DTS will lay the foundation for all the students!”

During the second session of the morning, we were introduced to a group of influential church leaders who had been persecuted for their faith in their nation. David Demian had been walking with them over the last few years, and through their testimonies we saw a powerful demonstration of how alignment to the Father and to one another in covenant relationship can bring transformation to nations.

The first leader who spoke shared about how lonely he had always felt as a church leader, deserted by his followers whenever he ended up in prison for his faith. Through the covenant relationship modelled by David Damien and the fellowship of the wider family of God, who chose to stand with him during times of arrest and persecution, he got delivered from his fears, got healed of an “orphaned spirit” and received the heart of the Father, through which he also learnt to be a father to those he leads. He said, such is the power of unity in the family of God!

The second church leader explained how walking with the wider family of God had helped her change from being a self-sufficient and determined leader to that of being a child following the presence and leadership of her Father. When she truly embraced the kingdom from her heart, her fears disappeared and she found new boldness to stand up to the people she used to fear, realising that her spiritual authority was greater than their earthly one. Her story demonstrated the power of God’s government coming on the earth through His people, affecting even earthly atmospheres.

Pray for us as YWAMers to become carriers of God’s presence. Pray for greater revelation on what it means for us to embrace the heart of the Father and to stand in covenant relationship with the wider family of God in a way that transforms nations.

Afternoon Session: Covenants & Values

In the afternoon session, David Hamilton presented a paper on “Covenant and Values.” He said, being at a crucial time of our history, it is important for YWAM to fully understand our identity and calling, not only in light of our vision and values, but also in light of the covenants God has made with us, namely Loren Cunningham’s vision of the waves of young people back in 1956.

Evening: Love Feast

The day ended with a love feast. The evening seemed like a family gathered together for a banquet prepared by our Father. We could sense the Father’s pleasure as we took time to fellowship and enjoy each other’s company around the tables.

To watch live streaming of the messages at the Singapore Gathering, go to: https://new.livestream.com/accounts/2178770/catch-the-wave or www.youtube.com/ywam.

–by Lynn Yee and Judy Foo