On the 30th of August, the YWAM leaders who met at the Singapore Gathering formed “circles” of ministries with like-minded leaders from other parts of the world. There were about 29 circles discussing issues ranging from leadership development to communications and mercy ministries.

To see the latest paper on “Understanding the Call to Circles, Cycles and Circuits” prepared by David Hamilton, click here.

The evening session was a night of corporate worship where we came together to adore Jesus and seek His presence, in view of what God has been speaking to us the past few days through David Demian. As we sang about the holiness of God, His presence filled the auditorium in a sweet and tangible way. There were moments of awed silence as we waited on God and lingered in His presence.
David Demian then brought some understanding from the story of King David’s first attempt to move the ark of the covenant in 1 Chronicles 13. “The Lord is restoring the foundation of the holy fear of His presence,” he said. “He is wooing us, but He is also warning us.”

In the story of how the ark was transported on a new cart and how Uzzah was struck dead upon reaching out to steady the cart out of his good intentions, David Demian illuminated the fact that Uzzah was a son of Abinadab and had probably grown up with the ark in his home. His familiarity with it had robbed him of his reverence for that which is holy. The glory of the Lord has to go hand in hand with the fear of the Lord. We are longing for God’s presence, but are we able to carry it?

David went on further to say that the Lord is not only changing our titles and corporate structures in YWAM, but He is changing our hearts. The Lord has mercy on us through this transition, but we have to do things God’s way.

David’s exhortation led to a response across the auditorium as we corporately cried out for God to teach us His ways. Several individuals prayed out corporate prayers. One of the prayers came from a younger leader: “Lord, I have grown up in YWAM and this is my family. I repent for being too familiar with your presence and the way things are done in YWAM. You are a holy God.”

The evening of worship ended with a sense that this was a good start to a new journey of seeking God, and we were all there as witnesses to the birth of what God wants to do through YWAM for the body of Christ.

Pray for YWAM as we go through this transition into the new. Have we become too familiar with the ways we have always worshipped? Are we ready to host His presence? Ask God to search our hearts in prayer and prepare us individually and corporately.

31st Aug: Carrying the Missions Passion to Singapore Churches

On Sunday, the gathering schedule was freed up for everyone to visit churches in Singapore and to explore the city. In the evening, the gathering reconvened at Victory Family Centre, where the wider family of God in Singapore also came to hear Loren Cunningham speak.

The evening started with worship and testimonies from Nigeria and the Middle East of how God has been at work. Loren then began by reiterating the three arms of YWAM—evangelism, discipleship and mercy ministry—and how YWAM is committed to embrace the “all” and the “every” of the Great Commission. Sharing stories of nations like Norway and South Korea that were transformed by God’s word in one generation, Loren exhorted us to see that these moves of God can happen in our generation.

Loren also shared the vision to distribute a Bible to every household in the world by 2020. A few YWAM workers from places like Hawaii and India then shared the encouraging progress they have made with this vision. The evening ended on a crescendo of faith that we can really see the Great Commission accomplished in our lifetime, because the wave of God’s glory is coming upon the earth!

To watch live streaming of the messages at the Singapore Gathering, go to: www.youtube.com/ywam or https://new.livestream.com/accounts/2178770/catch-the-wave.
–by Lynn Yee