Report 5: Organizational Changes & Updates on YWAM Ministries



The final days of the Singapore Family Gathering (1st-3rd September) were a crucial and intense time of grasping the word of the Lord to YWAM in this time of expansion, learning to walk it out in our locations around the world, as well as a time of updates on our key transnational ministries and further changes to our organizational structures.

This is the final report that aims to summarize the key organizational changes and updates on YWAM initiatives. It also introduces the Singapore Covenant Renewal that was signed by all at the gathering.

Expanding the GLF and Re-Grouping the Regions

In the afternoon session on 1st September, we prayed for and blessed the Global Leadership Forum (GLF). In preparation for the expansion of the mission, Loren and Darlene then announced that the GLF would not continue in its current form, as we had to multiply forums of eldership to respond to need. The challenge was that we would go into areas where there is currently no mission presence, and hence the current 27 regions were to be expanded to 74 regions. This requires many more leaders to step into responsibility and authority. In this sense, all those who attended the Singapore Gathering are doing the work of the former GLF: hearing the word of the Lord, responding to Him and taking the message to the entire mission and wider.

On the last evening during the commissioning time, new leaders were added and commissioned to be part of this expanded forum as “field conveners” to lead by convening the mission in their respective fields, trusting God to do a work similar to what has happened this week. This arrangement will be reviewed a year later at the 2015 U of N Workshop in Townsville, Australia. At the regional level we will remain loose and broad-structured, as we are a movement that can move quickly in response to the Spirit’s leading. The “field conveners” were generally the existing Field leaders who chose two or three others to help them convene the mission in their part of the world.

Presentations & Updates on Key Transnational Ministries

1) Commissioning of International DTS Centre Leadership (Maureen Menard)

As we enter into a season of exponential growth, we prayed for the enlarged DTS Centre leadership team to take on the role to grow and strengthen the DTS training in all the geographical locations.

2) University of the Nations (Markus Steffen)

Markus shared about the new initiatives and programs by the U of N designed to extend our influence to disciple the nations, especially among people who are not able to learn, due to accessibility or lack of opportunities. Some of these include a Masters program in Spiritual Formation and a pilot online SBS study program.

3) YWAM Ships (Ken Mulligan & Brett Curtis)

Ken Mulligan recalled how YWAM Ships began with an act of generosity through the gift of MV Pacific Link from Marine Reach in 2010.

As of today, YWAM Ships has 21 vessels (both ships and boats) and most of the growth happened within the last 5 years. The YWAM Ships story is a story of adoption. We did not create this idea of ships for ministry; it already has a life of its own because God spoke to us as early as 1964. We simply took the steps of obedience and it has become a great blessing today.

4) Create International (Calvin & Carol Conkey)

Create International is an evangelism ministry at its core, with media as the means. There is total of 70 staff operating in 5 locations.

One of the latest training seminars “Euip2Go” was introduced. It is a training to help teams share the gospel through indigenous expression that is culturally sensitive. There is also a USB stick (64GB) available that can download Jesus film and other movies and Bibles in various languages into smartphones and computers.

YWAM Together, Townsville, Australia, 7-13 Sep 2015

Organised by U of N Workshop & YWAM Ships, it was announced that the U of N Workshop 2015 would be held in Townsville, Australia. A call was issued to those particularly with a heart for frontier missions to join.

4K Mapping & Prayer on the 4K Map

David Hamilton and Jill Thorton shared with us the latest update on 4K Mapping. First introduced at the Nanning gathering in China back in 2002, 4K mapping has helped us realise the disparity between YWAM being one of the largest mission and the lack of YWAM presence in vast areas where the gospel is most needed. As such, we were challenged to pray and ask the Lord about adopting those Omega Zones currently without YWAM’s presence.

One of the latest developments that would soon be made available is the merging of information on Omega Zones and UPGs on 4K mapping. This was made possible by providential connection with a researcher from another mission who shared with us information on the geographical distribution of UPGs.

Jill then showed the 4K Adopt apps that can be downloaded to both iPhones and Android phones. Those who signed up on the apps, would be able to upload and share information and contacts in the omega zones, thus facilitate outreaches to those areas. The YWAM family was assured regarding the security of 4K Adopt apps.

During the evening session on 2nd September, we were guided on the use of the 4K Adopt Apps before praying about adopting Omega Zones. A giant 4K map was laid out in the auditorium as we came together to stand on the map and pray. As we came to the end of that prayer time, a total of 113 Omega Zones were adopted. These are new zones where there had been no YWAM presence.

Impacting the Spheres of Society

In one of the sessions on 3rd September, we heard from various YWAMers on how they have been able to impact the seven spheres through their ministries.

We noted that from personal impact such as being able to resolve visa challenges through the intervention of YWAMers serving in the public service sphere, to impacting society such as community development projects being awarded national recognition.

David Hamilton then presented a paper on God Revealed through the Spheres of Society. We continued to share in small groups on each of the spheres as presented in the paper by David Hamilton.

Loren Cunningham reminded us that it is important for the body of Christ to grow in our understanding of the spheres and to learn how to rightly apply these revelations of God into the spheres. He highlighted the following areas for further discernment:

More care on how to be involved in the spheres of Economy (business) and Public Service (government).
Greater persecution is expected as we become more fruitful in the spheres. Persecution has started with media and government spheres, as well as imprisonment and martyrdom. However, this does not mean that we are out of God’s will.

2014 Singapore Covenant Renewal

During the final evening session, Lynn Green read out the 2014 Singapore Covenant Renewal and all who were present signed it. Key elements drafted out in the Covenant included our response to the word of the Lord to us at this gathering—affirming our longing to intentionally and continuously walk in His presence—and renewing our commitment to the Great Commission.

822 Gathering

David Demian invited the YWAM family to join 822 Gathering in Jerusalem from 10-13 November. It is a call for the unity of the body of Christ to wait on Him in worship. A cry for the glory of God to fall, that the veil might be removed from the eyes of the nations, especially the Jews. For more information, please visit


For many at the Gathering, their highlights have been about the presence of God and the unity of the body. Pray for a greater revelation for all who were at the Gathering, for them to be able to walk out the truths they have gleaned and also to share it in their locations. Pray for our YWAM communities across the globe to embrace the call to seek His presence and to walk in unity.


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–by Lynn Yee and Judy Foo