Kristin's Life in the DTS India MosqueI’m writing from an Internet café in India! One of my favorite moments of arriving was when the train crossed part of the Arabian Sea. The women on the train started singing this ancient, almost haunting song.

On India Republic Day, we had an incredible time of prayer at the local YWAM center for the country of India and her people. It was touching to see people gathered from Africa, Korea, and Nepal, as well as India, crying out to God on behalf of their country

Later that day, we worked with a YWAM ministry in Mumbai which reaches out to the children of prostitutes. They run a 24-hour childcare center, as well as a small children’s home. We encouraged the staff and played with the kids.

Friday, we woke to the sound of the Muslim call to prayer. We spent the day prayer-walking in old Mumbai. First we visited a Hindu temple. The whole city stopped around midday, and we watched as the devout Muslims kneeled for midday prayers in the middle of the street. Once they went back to their shops (and cleared the sidewalk) we were able to see the streets. On the left there were merchants, and on the right there were beggars: the blind, people missing limbs crying out, men in convulsions, or simply people unconscious in the hot sun.

The needs were great. We were all tired from the sun, walking, brokenness, and spiritual intensity of it all.